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You may notice, Claire and I enjoy eating out quite often and these days we try to save money where-ever possible.

A couple of years ago, I found out about the Taste Card (it was then called Taste London), which gave me discount for eating at particular restaurants.  After my free trial ended, I then found out about The Gourmet Society Card.  They seem to offer more individual restaurants and pubs, much more up our street than the high street chains that appeared to be offered with The Taste Card.

I go out to lunch with a friend twice a month, saving about £10 (50%) each time.  Claire and I also pop out for lunch at the weekends, again saying around £10 a time.  So, each month, just by using the Gourmet Society Dining Card, I save about £40.  It normally costs £69, I received a special offer of £44 for a year to join, so it has paid for itself within 4 weeks.  Now though, they are currently offering a 2 month free trial – so, if you eat out like I do, you can save £80 in two months for free!

I have just found out that, by signing up, you also get access to 25% off Cinema tickets by using your Gourmet Society Dining Card too!

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