Whittard of Chelsea special offer, voucher codes and information

Our very overstocked Tea Drawer
Our very overstocked Tea Drawer

Another tea retailer Claire and I enjoy is Whittard of Chelsea.

They provide tea, coffee and paraphernalia through retail shops and online.  Their prices are reasonable, and have a good amount of choice.  They used to sell loose chamomile, which was the main reason why I started to buy Whittard of Chelsea tea – unfortunately though, they stopped selling this a couple of years ago – but, their other teas are good.  I especially like the flowering tea – looks amazing in a glass teapot!  Claire enjoys their rose and black tea, and the silver needle tastes nice.  Whilst these are very much the premium teas, they do also sell more mid-range ones too.

Using freshly boiled water, brew in a teapot for 2-3 minutes and serve without milk
English Rose Black Tea – £4.25 for 125g

Once again, using freshly boiled water, brew in a teapot for 2-3 minutes, serving without milk (which is unusual for Chai tea – normally it is made with milk in a saucepan):
Loose Spiced Chai – £4.25 for 125g

For more loose tea with Whittard of Chelsea, please go here.

A must-have accessory in our house, we have 3 of these.  These allow us to use “whole leaf” tea and experience the fullest flavour, instead of using teabags with all the goodness crushed out of them.

Tea Filter Basket for a Mug – £3.00 – £3.50

I love having a glass teapot, being able to watch the teas unfurl can be quite relaxing – especially if it is a flowering one!
Glass Teapot with Bamboo Handle – £20

Whittard of Chelsea have a special promotional code at the moment, giving you 10% off your first order.
Click here and use voucher code WELCOME10.