Sunday lunch in Surrey

Best Sunday Roast lunch reviews of pubs and restaurants in Surrey

Sands at Bleak House, Woking

Sands at Bleak House, Woking in Surrey

Looking for a Sunday lunch in Surrey, I found Sands at Bleak House in Woking. The venue was bright and airy, with large windows and also a conservatory area. The service here was very good, making sure we had everything we needed. Both the Roast Pork and the Roast Beef were ordered and we were all pleased with our choices. The roast potatoes were especially large and had an interesting flavour. Lastly, the desserts were nicely presented and were enjoyable. Families are welcome. Overall, an excellent and Top Rated Sunday lunch by Sands at Bleak House in Woking, Surrey.


The Bell Inn, Godstone

The Bell Inn, Godstone, Surrey

A Sunday lunch review of The Bell Inn in Godstone, Surrey. A sister pub in fact to The Plough in Eynsford, amongst others, so we had high hopes of the food and we were not disappointed. The starters were enjoyable, as was the Sunday roast. The potatoes were excellent, the Yorkshire pudding huge! A very enjoyable, family friendly pub and worthy of the Top Rated award.


The Black Swan, Ockham

The Black Swan, Ockham, Surrey

As we were over in Ascot, I wanted to find a lunch to have on the way home to Bromley. I found The Black Swan in Ockham, Surrey and booked it through Open Table (the booking engine on their website) for 12:45pm.

We arrived earlier than expected, so took the opportunity to relax with papers in a chair in front of the open fire. We were shown to a very small table, so I was thankful that when someone moved we could change to a different one. The Sunday lunch here was very good, although the vegetables were a bit strange – having a large amount of red cabbage and not much else. The meat was excellent quality though.

Overall, a recommended Sunday lunch in Ockham – just remember to bring a large wallet.


Prince Albert, Redhill

Prince Albert, Bletchingley, Redhill

We looked around for a pub for Father’s Day Sunday lunch in Redhill and decided on Price Albert.

Dogs are welcome in a part of the pub, which was good. With two fish eater’s as well as Claire and me, it was nice the staff brought out a selection of vegetables for us all to share. Also, they made sure the roast potatoes were not cooked with animal fat. The Sunday lunch was very nice, with excellent roast beef and fantastic roast potatoes.

Overall, Sunday lunch at Prince Albert in Redhill is well worth a visit and highly recommended.


m.Brasserie & Grill, Guildford

m.brasserie, Guildford

Finding the place online, we were looking forward to having a Sunday lunch in Guildford. The outside of the hotel looked amazing, but the restaurant was quiet.

Service was a bit slow, we had to wait constantly throughout our meal, but the manager was very good when we needed some help.

The food quality seemed high, everything tasted nice. There was a generous portion of vegetables and the meat was good. Worth visiting again.